First off… I found this on Ebay and cried a bit:


Might be too small to read, but… this is from the art book from the limited edition box. Etna’s stats are identical to the D1 book and her age? D2’s age.

Wondering if this was really true or a case of laziness, with some kind japanese help from pumpkinhero and bravery of abeiramar… We managed to procure an answer from THE WORD OF GOD. (Aka Harada himself…. cause he’s on twitter and is clearly very awesome, as he ACTUALLY responded to our question!)


It reads:

"Excuse me. My Japanese isn’t very good, but I’ll do my best. I have a question. Have the Laharl, Etna and Flonne of Disgaea D2 really not aged since Disgaea 2?"

His reply was, from what Ruby could make out was something along the lines of:

"Since D2 was established long ago, they’re a little younger compared to their ages in Disgaea 2."

D2 = DD2, btw… Anyhoo, so basically anyways he’s saying that DD2 is actually even before Disgaea 2. MAYBE even before Infinite, cause Hayley realized Flonne’s actually saying something about Gorillian (like missing an episode or something?) when she sleeps in at the start of chapter 4, so hopes the DVD will come out. …Which is what she gets in Infinite (which turns out to be a blu-ray lol)

And a reply back to him:

"Eeh!? Is that so? I thought they looked a little older [compared to Disgaea 2] (laugh). Thank you for your reply."

He didn’t correct it, so guess we understood his reply the right way.

SO. I guess can’t argue with the word of god. lol ^.^; But FML, I STILL think they look a lot older, especially Laharl. :x Either way, they’ve kinda messed up some happenings in the timeline, but then most of the trio’s stuff is just grain of salt cameos so… Oh well. SO. That’s that. They’re like only a little older than the end of D1. And Laharl-chan is doomed to being kinda squicky. :x …And demon aging will continue to never make sense.


Epicnamebro on youtube has been slowly Let’s Playing DD2 and translating as he goes along! He got to Rainier today… which has confirmed/added couple things to Canon.

Rainier looked after Laharl when he was little and, apparently, when he cried, she would hold him ….till he couldn’t breath and then he’d sleep. :x Though he doesn’t remember Rainier.


1. Breathing might not matter in D4, but it seems to in D1. Between Sicily complaining she couldn’t breath in her box, to this new bit, plus Etna strangling Flonne in D1, and … might be another example I’m forgetting.. BUT yeah. Breathing, it’s a thing in Laharl’s Netherworld.

2. WHELP. That explains Laharl’s boob reaction all right. Smothered by boobs to the point of not breathing? Yeah. Yeah.

….Also doesn’t really undo the novel’s idea of Yasurl. Auntie just woulda added to it. lol

Lastly… lol I noticed this other day… cause all of the Laharl-chan chapter is now on youtube.


L-lol. That’s gonna be quite a picture, if a HD/not made to look like it’s on a TV screen version exists.

So yeah.

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